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Industrial Safety

HSE is a full line safety equipment distributor offering many of the industry’s highest quality product lines at very competitive pricing. We also provide in-service product training from industry experts to ensure that our customers are completely comfortable with the use and functionality of the equipment.

   Industrial Safety PRODUCT Lines   


Featured Brands:

Automated External Defibrillators

Wireless Communication Systems

Eye Protection

Safety Glasses

Harness and Support Devices

Fall Protection and Rescue

Fire Extinguishers

Calibration Gas / Regulators

Gas Detection Instrumentation

Intrinsically Safe Flashlights

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Helmets, Visors, & More

Hard Hats & Other Head Protection

Hearing & Ear Protection

Earplugs & Earmuffs

Hoses, Adapters, & More

Telescopic Ladders

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Air Purifying Devices

SCBA Gear, Air Supply

SCBA Cylinders

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Work Apparel On and Off The Job

   Additional Industiral Safety   


Protective Gear and Solutions

Fall Protection Solutions

Ventilation Safety Products

Gloves, Chemical and Burn Protection 

Structural & Extrication Gloves

Protective Gear and Fabrics

Battery Equipment

Battery Equipment

Hi-Viz and Protective Apparel

Head, Face, and Respiratory Protection

Fall Protection

Safe Storage Solutions

Protective Apparel

Safety Garments

Workplace Gloves

Hi-Viz Safety Gear

Industrial Cases and Lighting

Mounting Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment

Protective Equipment for Any Weather

Water Safety Products

Work-at-Height Products

Flashlights and Headlamps

Nozzles, Monitors, & Valves

Eye Protection

Work Gloves for All Industries

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