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Full Line Industrial, Commercial, Municipal Training & Consulting.

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Burdick Fire Training & Consulting Service

We've partnered with Burdick Training & Consulting to bring top-notch training directly to your department.

Bob Burdick Headshot
Bob Burdick Headshot

Bob Burdick, President & Chief Instructor & Consultant, is a Professional Safety Consulting and Trainer with 28 years of experience as an Occupational Health & Safety professional in the General Industry and Construction field. He retired June 2014 from his role as a safety officer for FEMA MATF-1 based out of Beverly, Massachusetts where he was part of the Urban Search and Rescue Team overseeing safety for team members during rescue deployments.

Bob is an experienced trainer for General Industry, Construction, and the Fire Services and holds many certifications as an instructor for Hazardous Materials, Rope Rescue, Confined space rescue, Wind Turbine and Cellular Tower Rescue and Basic Firefighter Training.

Bob is an active member of the safety industry serving as Chair for the National Safety Council Conference Committee for Maine, Chair for the MESHE (Maine Employers for Safety and Health Excellent), member of SHARP and SHAPE with The Maine Department Of Labor and  actively involved with OSHA. On a local scale, Bob serves his community as the Chair for the Town of Wilton Safety Committee, Training Officer for the Town of Wilton Fire & Rescue, and the Franklin County Hazardous Material Instructor.

Bob currently provides high-end services to assist a variety of industries in improving safety performance and organizational behavior. Most of his time is spent conducting safety culture assessments, implementing behavior-based safety systems, and providing management consulting on culture change for safety excellence.

In Bob's words, "Stay Safe. Someone at home is waiting for you."

To learn more about Burdick Training & Consulting please visit their site. Or contact us directly to incorporate the training with your existing equipment lines.

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