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The fire service and training go hand in hand. Therefore, this page is intended to provide an ongoing supply of training information provided by industry experts as well as training links to New England based and national training organizations.

We also want to encourage your input. So, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you know of additional training content we can add to help make the fire service safer for everyone.

As always, STAY SAFE!

Glen Bordas

Glen is our in-house training partner. We partnered with Glen to help provide your department top notch training for any of your safety needs. 

Some of Glen's qualifications are listed below:

  • Over twenty-years of experience with Volunteer, Per-Diem and Career Fire Rescue

  • Over ten years as an Instructor in Technical Rescue and Firefighting

  • Specializing in rescue training for Lifting, Stabilization, Rigging and Collapse

  • Currently a Career Firefighter/Rescue Technician for Waterville (Maine) Fire Rescue and a Paid-On-Call and Per Diem Firefighter for Topsham (Maine) Fire Rescue

  • Member of Massachusetts Task Force 1 FEMA USAR Team as Tech Search Specialist

  • Member of State of Maine Haz-Mat Response Team as Haz-Mat Technician

  • Participates annually in MUSAR Trench Rescue Symposiums to develop better methods and equipment for Trench Rescue

  • Participates annually in Paratech University Training across the US

  • NFPA 1006 Technician Level trained and qualified in:

    • Vehicle and Machinery Rescue

    • Confined Space Rescue

    • Rope Rescue

    • Trench Rescue

    • Structural Collapse Rescue

    • Swift Water and Surface Water Rescue

Additional Training Partners

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